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Video Game Composition Project... What better way to connect with your students than through this music teachers resource about video games! In this project, your students will create their concept of a video game - creating all the way from the backstory of the video game to all the characters to what the music will sound like. This Video Game Composition Project has all handouts and websites listed need to complete this project. One of the websites used in this project is - a midi website create for easy access for any age group (this is free online). This can be used as a handout presentation, or all organized on a slideshow for virtual learning students.


Included in this music teachers resource, Video Game Composition Project:

  • 2 pages designed to organize student thoughts for their video game
  • 2 pages for students to organize their sketches
  • 1 page with a detailed rubric
  • 1 page with list and download instructions for websites
  • 1 page with Teacher Guide
  • Links to the Google Doc, Student Template Google Slide Presentation and Teacher Presentation Google Slide.


This Video Game Composition Project can last about 2 weeks with a 45 minute class period. This can be used for individual students or groups - your decision! Most importantly - HAVE FUN!


Extra information and examples about this music teachers resource can be found on my Blog Here.


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Highly Engaging Video Game Composition Project

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