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About Teaching M.O.B

Check it out!

       I want to create a life for you that gives you more time to worry about the important things; our students well-beings, your family and yourself. I strive to make my music teachers resource to easily incorporate into your already created music classroom environment.

      During the pandemic, I realized that music teachers resource outlets were limited. I went into "Problem Solving Mode" and created tons of music teachers resource lesson plans that engaged my students in many compositional based learning along with fun music activities for kids in the middle school  music classroom.

    So, teachers, I'm here to help you with any music teachers resource and band lesson plans. Our time is valuable and I want you to spend time with your family, travel more, or just sit on the couch in the afternoons and chill, because WE DESERVE ALL THOSE THINGS! Let me be your helper in finding that relief and enjoy the fun and exciting music teachers resource for kids I've created and designed throughout my  years of teaching. 

My Philosophy

Teaching is about creating an environment for students to become curious; to expand their experiences and find their passions. It's important for teachers, like us, to search new and inventive ways to speak to our students, on whatever level they are on and meet them there. In a time of tests and stress, let's give them experiences they'll never forget.

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