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This entire Music History Unit is a BLAST to teach with eye catching Google Slides, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, and an engaging way to test your students! I made it a mission to make history fun and exciting for the students. This will totally change the way you teach Music History forever!


Included in the Music History Unit Plan:

  • EDITABLE Handouts for each era (Middle Ages - Modern Era) with Instruments, Music Terms and Composers using forced copies of Google Docs
  • Teacher Instructions for additional fun activities to implement in this lesson and links to Slides and Docs
  • Colorful Google Slides that work with each handout (found in Teacher Instructions) along with fun and relevant videos for students to make excellent connections!
  • Scavenger Hunt Images already made with questions and hints
  • Scavenger Hunt Test with fun graphics
  • Star Wars inspired video you can use to start the scavenger hunt (or you can make your own - instruction in the file)


This is everything you will need to present the unit to your class. I teach a 45 minute class and these presentations lasted 2 weeks, including the Scavenger Hunt (one day).


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Music History Unit

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