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Want some inspiration for new materials for your classroom to make your life a little easier or even more stylish - look no further for music teacher must-haves!


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A perfect shirt fit for a music teacher! Remind the kids that "It's a Great Day to Make Music"

These carpet markers are perfect to show where those little kiddos need to go on the floor before a lesson. Quickly velcro them where you want and move them about. Easy to use and great to organize the chaos!

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This portable speaker can PUT OUT SOUND! From program performances, to band rehearsals, to everyday classroom use, this is an amazing addition to your arsenal. 

Want to incorporate coding and Adding STEM to your classroom is a HUGE advantage and a great way to make music in a totally different way (making it a STEAM project). They are easy to use and understand, combine it with and it becomes so much more! Check out my blog for ways to incorporate these fun devices!

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Other great must-haves for the classroom

Want to try an individual Makey Makey before you commit to a classroom set? This is perfect for you!

Need some fun incentives? These bracelets can help bring that spark in your classroom. 

Every professional teacher needs a great tumbler. Look no further!

A rolling cart is a wonderful way to organize crafts for the class, organize your life or help you travel where you need to go in the school.

A fun shirt to show the kids that you are THE music teacher. Cute rainbow design.

Want to personalize a music teacher shirt? Add your name and school name to give this cute shirt a personal feel.

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