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Superhero vs. Villian Composition Project gives students to use previous knowledge, such as note values, note names, instruments, and form - to compose their superhero (or villain) a theme song! Using either Noteflight or composition software, they will compose their own music using ostinatos and form. This is a great project for virtual learners or onsite learners! Students LOVE this Superhero vs. Villain Music Project because many can relate and they embrace the creative side.


Included in Superhero vs. Villain Music Composition Project:

  • Teacher Slideshow to compare and contrast a few superhero songs
  • Interactive Notebook in Google Slides for students to create their rhythms before composing
  • Interactive Notebook in Google Slides for students to organize Superhero/Villain Details
  • Guideline handout for students (editable)


For more content and resources, join at Teaching Music Outside the Box.


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Contact me at if you have any questions.

Superhero Vs. Villain Composition Project

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