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This Study Guide is great for any age group that gets a new piece of music. If you have student that struggle with actually analyzing music and the process it takes to sight read music, this is a great solution to reinforce good habits with reading new music in the classroom.


In the Study Guide for New Music, is a checklist for your students to follow every time they get a new piece of music, it directs them to review counts, find key signatures and accidentals, and so much more! For each musical element, they are directed to do certain activities to help reinforce their retention of music (highlight this, circle that, bracket this, etc).


You can have this given to each student separately, make it a poster, or print it on the back of every piece of new music handed out. It's a great resource for all students to understand expectations and learning independent reading of music.


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Sight Reading Study Guide for New Music Band Resource

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