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Stomp Project Lesson and Activity is great for exploring musical timbre, nontraditional music, cooperative learning, and an element of excitement! For this Stomp Project, after they are introduced to body percussion and non-traditional instruments in a beautiful slideshow, students will use “trash” as a means to create music; plastic bags, trash cans, pool noodles, milk jugs, etc. They will get into groups, work on their performance, come up with a silent skit (while doing their beats), and then perform in front of the class. See the "Tips and Tricks" form for inspiration to make this project even more fun!


In this file you will receive:

  • 25 Slide Google Instructional Slideshow, including body percussion videos
  • 10 Different handouts to use throughout the lesson and activity
  • 1 Rubric
  • Teacher Guide to the Instructional Slideshow and the Handouts
  • Project information in Tips and Tricks to really get the classroom to be creative! Some tips on collaborating with the art teacher.


This can easily be a week long project. If you have your class watch "Stomp" at any point, this is a great idea to have them experiment with their concept of music. If you don't have your kids watch "Stomp", then you are missing out!


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Stomp Project Lesson and Activity

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