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How do Key Signature work can be a difficult question to answer because there is a lot to it. Key Signature Lesson slideshow is setup in such a way that it follows easily, goes slow enough for new learners of the a major key signature names to comprehend, and has great animation to tie all concepts together. If you would like a fill-in the blank worksheet with your lesson, this one has it all! There is even a practice sheet that comes with it on the back of the worksheet.


This lesson specifically introduces Order of Flats and Sharps, fun acronyms for such, and how to find the names of sharp and flat key signatures to set up your kids for understanding scales!


Included in this Key Signature Lesson:

  • 25 slide Key Signature Lesson Slideshow in Google Slides
  • 1 Fill in the Blank Worksheet that follows along with the lesson
  • 1 Practice Sheet with several key signatures for students to name


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How Do Key Signatures Work?

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