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Music Mood Composition Project is a great music teachers resource for students to understand the different uses of music moods. With this resource you receive an instructional slideshow for class instruction, an interactive notebook for students to compose their album, and a teachers guide with instructions of the music mood composition project.

What is involved with this Music Mood Composition Project?

The students compose music for 5 different activities they do over the weekend; hanging with friends, cleaning, sleeping in, and more. They can use BandLab or Song Maker to make their music. They can make their Album Cover with Canva or Google Slides by inserting web images. The resources provided have instructions on how to insert the music into their album slide.


What does this Music Mood Composition Project come with?

  • Teachers Guide to the materials and instructional slide show
  • Instructional Slideshow for Content Knowledge of Moods and Tones
  • Tone and Mood Album Interactive Notebook
  • Links to the Websites needs for the Tone and Mood Project


Music Tones and Moods Project takes about a week to 10 days of a 45 minute class. The kids love it and they can present their music to the class afterwards. The guidelines given are realistic and reachable with several age groups. Definitely a top lesson of mine and they kids get a kick out of it!

Music Mood Composition Project

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