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Foley Process in Radio and Podcast is a great way to involve students in a learning experience of applying moods of music and sound effects. This music teachers resources involves a short study of how narrative radio shows worked and what was involved in creating them. The lesson quickly links it back to a modern version of radio shows - PODCASTS!


The project will have students use BandLab (free educational version) to create music to be played while a portion of a book is being read aloud via a youtube video. The book in the project is “The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors” by Drew Daywalt. Students are expected to create a Foley experience by recording sounds and finding digital sounds. 


Included in the lesson are handouts for the slideshow (fill in the blank), project handout, slide show, and book section slideshow for group projects. You will need a BandLab account (free -, Google Drive, and creative minds. 


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Foley Process in Radio and Podcast

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