Video Game Compositions: Creativity through Play

Updated: Oct 20

Create everything from backstory to character art to game music composition.

What better way to reach student than to get on their level! Here is what I did for my Video Game Composition...

What you need:

  • Chromebooks/Desktop/Laptops

  • Smartboard/Projector (Optional)

  • Video Game Composition Handout

  • Color Pencils

About the Project:

  • I have students fill out their worksheets first. I found that having short term goals each day helps my middle school students stay on task and not feel overwhelmed by the project. Here are the tasks they have to complete:

  • Title, Backstory, Game Goal, Four Characters (names, appearances, abilities, roles), Four Levels (appearances, music description), Character drawings, Level Drawings, Special Features, Sound Effects

  • The students are expected to complete the handout before going on to anything else.

  • Once they are done, they will continue to create their characters and levels in a pixel website or a drawing website. They will download these images onto their slideshow.

  • When done with that, they will compose their music for each level and special feature using This is a great website for kids to explore composition in a simple form. Make sure to play with this website yourself being having your kids jump in - most will catch on to it, but some will need some guidance. For the slideshow presentation the students make, you can copy and paste the URL of their composition onto the slide. I found this to be the simplest way to transfer the composition onto the slide.

  • Typical time frame for a 45 minute class with 6th graders: 14 days

  • When all is completed, the students present their slideshow to the class. I have LOVED seeing what my kids create. Here are a few examples what what my kiddos did...

Example of a "Characters" Slide.

Example of the Special Features - which are additional items in the game to help the protagonist or antagonist.

An example of the "Levels" slide

Hope your kiddos enjoy this as much as my kiddos did!

If you are looking for resources and just don't have the time to make them yourself, feel free to head over to the lesson plans made and purchase it!

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