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Music Twister

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Add a challenge to learning note names.

I’m all about making learning interesting and fun. I love applying knowledge to something and changing the “rules”. It was my first year teaching and I was all hyped up about coming up with awesome things to do. One of my friends mentioned Twister, which then led to an epiphany. I about had a panic attack I was so excited (hyperventilation and everything!). My Thought: Why not combine Music with Twister?


  • Duct Tape (Get the nice stuff)

  • Large Mat (optional)


  1. Tape down a LARGE music staff. (5 ft in height) (12 ft in width)

  2. Tape down vertical lines to create measures.

  3. Treble and Bass Clef (Optional)

*Total time: 30 minutes by myself


  1. Call out RT hand, LT hand, RT foot, LT foot and specific note name on the staff.Rules are similar to Twister.

  2. If a body part, other than the specified limbs, touch the floor, they are OUT!

  3. If a student puts his/her hand on the wrong note, they are OUT!

  4. Tip: If you have a LARGE class, break them up into groups and have them create a group order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) and a group name. Have one kid from each group come up and play. Last person standing wins that round. Then the next person from each group will come up and play the next round. Keep tally and the winning team can get a prize! (If you are ok parting with that sweet, savory candy on your desk/podium).

Easy. Entertaining. Expanding Knowledge. Simple. Fun.

You’re Welcome. : )

If you are looking for more resources for your music classroom or band classroom, please feel free to visit my other blog posts below!

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